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D&D Live Interviews

I had the opportunity to attend Wizard of the Coast's annual event, D&D Live in May 2019 and took the time to sit down with a few awesome PoC in the TTRPG community to chat about various subjects. I got the chance to talk with Carlos Luna, of Rivals of Waterdeep & The Dungeon... Continue Reading →

What a Black History Month.

It's been quite a month. A lot has happened this Black History Month. A very present through-line in the month has been a reminder to black people on how America, and the world views and treats us, but that really isn't specific to this month. That said, that isn't what I aim to focus on,... Continue Reading →

Rivals of Waterdeep: A Perspective

I lay out some thoughts on why Rivals of Waterdeep is such an important show, and how the D&D/TTRPG community is white as shit. Photo Credit: Greg Tito/Wizards of the Coast D&D and TTRPGs are white as shit. Top to bottom, dominated by white people. Which is weird, because I know there are so many... Continue Reading →

Insight Check: Brandon Stennis (Rinn Leodin)

I knew that I was a part of something much bigger then myself when after our first game at the Stream of Many Eyes, and to see people comment so positively about the show, how we did, and people saying they finally saw others like themselves was heartwarming.

The Journey Begins

I've started this site, hoping to give a better, more public space to highlight the efforts of PoC in TTRPGs. I hope to make use of this space to show off all the various things being done, be they podcasts, streams, art, games, and more. I hope that I can keep things moving and help... Continue Reading →

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