D&D Live Interviews

I had the opportunity to attend Wizard of the Coast’s annual event, D&D Live in May 2019 and took the time to sit down with a few awesome PoC in the TTRPG community to chat about various subjects.

I got the chance to talk with Carlos Luna, of Rivals of Waterdeep & The Dungeon Rats fame, in a brief break from his constant work during D&D Live 2019.

I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with B. Dave Walters, he of many hats and works, including LA By Night and The Uncommon Trust.

I sat down with Cicero Holmes, the layered enigma of Rivals of Waterdeep, and we talked about a lot of good stuff.

I chatted with Daniel Kwan of Asians Represent about a lot of things, gaining some insight into a few of his upcoming projects.

I got some lore dropped on me by Graeme Barber of PoCGamer and Lore Diver and learned that he’d never really been to a convention before.

I got to learn about Jazra, Judy’s Trece Albas character and more of the Trece Albas world.

I had the pleasure of talking with Lysa Penrose, showrunner and cast member of Tales From The Mists, and co-host of D&D Communitea.

I caught Mario Ortegón as he was prepping to run his D&D Live game, and we got to talking.

I sat down with the original Venn Diagram gangster, Shareef Jackson, and we got to talking about puzzles, among other things.

I talked with Surena Marie about her D&D Live main stage experience and various topics such as DM’ing Season 4 of Rivals of Waterdeep, the Dungeon Rats, and Autonomic Podcast.

I spoke with Tanya DePass, founder of I Need Diverse Games, Selise on Rivals of Waterdeep, and all around top example of someone doing the necessary work to make the TTRPG community a better place.

I chatted with Horror Auntie, DM of Tales From The Mists, and Taq on Jace Beleren Must Die, among other roles, TK Johnson.

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