Insight Check: Cicero Holmes (Perrin Underbough)

Cicero Holmes (@stubbystan) was able to pull himself away from his new addiction, D&D, to help us learn more about the man they call Perrin Underbough. We learn some things about them both, including the fact that Perrin… might not have been called Perrin in another timeline.

Group photo of the Rivals of Waterdeep crew in black and white, with the exception of Cicero.
Order is: Cicero, Brandon, Surena, Tanya, Carlos, Shareef

Cicero Holmes plays Perrin Underbough, Halfling Bard, and always on man of the hour. Cicero has been a gamer for years, though he’d never played D&D or any TTRPGs before joining the Rivals cast. He talks a lot on gaming from the perspective of a person of color on the Spawn on Me podcast, alongside Shareef and Tanya. At times, if one didn’t know better, you’d think he and Perrin were basically the same person.
Perrin Underbough is a performer through and through, and to him, the presence of an audience is a boon to them, not him. Always being on unfortunately tends to grate on the nerves of at least Selise, who harbors murderous thoughts for the dramatic bard. Regardless of his preference for simply putting on a show so that others may know of his greatness, Perrin doesn’t always shirk from doing what is necessary and right. If there’s no world left, who will see him perform?

How did you come up with the concept for you character? What was the process?

When I was presented with this opportunity I thought about who I wanted to be. I happened to be re-watching Game of Thrones and decided I wanted to make my version of Tyrion Lannister. Thus, Perrin Underbough was formed. The voice is just what Perrin Underbough sounded like in my head. Very eccentric and forced elegance. He wants to sound like he came from a great family but it’s pretty clear he didn’t.

If you could switch characters with anyone, who would you choose?

No one! The biggest part of everyone’s character is the player who embodies them and I think they are all absolute superstars!

Would you change up any aspects of your character if given the opportunity?

I would have named him Stanley Thomas so I could Say Things that begin with “S” and “T” (see what I did there?)!

What has been your favorite moment of the entire series so far? Season 1? Season 2?

My favorite moment is the laughter. We laugh so much. I truly love these guys! It’s impossible to pick just one moment but when I think back to Seasons 1 & 2 all I can hear is laughter.

What is something that you are very much looking forward to in Season 3?

Shareef is the DM! He’s brilliant. He’s measured, motivated, and hilarious! I truly admire him and am proud to call him a friend. I can’t wait to see the world he builds for us!

Who has been your favorite NPC of the show? Least favorite?

Duo/Nim tie. Nim was quirky, brilliant and deadly. He easily made himself indispensible and gave his existence for us. But Duo…Duo is our talking mascot! He’s awesome! When he returned this season it was such a great moment! Plus, he wouldn’t even be around if it weren’t for Perrin!

Are there any decisions made that you wish you could redo?

No regerts! LOL

What is your opinion on the, while not directly implied, but obvious representation related aspect of the show? It’s a show of PoC and LGBGTQIA+ people, which is a very important thing these days, which really sends a message to others of marginalized identities that this game can be for them also.

My opinion is that we exist. We’re people just like everyone else and our experiences color our perspectives and as a result, affect our characters. This is an important aspect of tables all around the country that you don’t always see. Also I want to show people that look like me and sound like me that the table is a safe space, but more importantly, a FUN place to be! I had never played D&D or any tabletop RPGs before Rivals and I was really missing out!

What is it like playing with this group?

I can’t imagine anything else! They’re fantastic! Sitting down at the table with these guys and our sound guy, Joe, is genuinely the highlight of my week!

Will you ever run out of P.Us?

Patently Unthinkable! lol It’s tough to keep coming up with them. I have a lot though. The goal is to never run out!

Does Perrin seek revenge for his family, or has he just locked it away completely?

I don’t think Perrin is interested in revenge. It doesn’t really drive him. I think the lesson he learned from loss of his family was to live life fully, at all costs. I wouldn’t say it is locked away, but I would say that he wouldn’t let it consume him. Tragedy is part of life and so, unfortunately enough, is death.

Did Perrin consider messing with Shaka and Rinn while they were in his head, before the huge demon showed up?

No. Perrin doesn’t want anyone in his head. There are secrets about his past that he doesn’t want revealed. He wanted them out and but he also wanted them safe. There are more questions about Perrin’s life that weren’t answered. Maybe we’ll find out more from that day in Season 3. lol

What was it like DM’ing your first time, and are you hoping for more opportunities in the future?

It was nerve wrecking! Carlos is brilliant and I wanted to make sure that people felt like the quality of the adventure diminished only a little. Seriously, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it if it weren’t for Carlos’ guidance and confidence. As for doing it in the future, I hope so! We’ve decided that each of us will DM a season if we’re fortunate enough to have the seasons to do so. So maybe I’ll be sitting in the center chair for Rivals of Waterdeep some time soon!

Cicero can be found at @stubbystan on Twitter, and on the Spawn On Me podcast.

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