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This space was born out of my search for a space catered to PoC, and underlying intersections, where I didn’t have to deal with racism from people who comprise the majority in the community. A space where speaking about how my identity interacts and affects how I engage with the community isn’t downplayed and ignored. I’ve seen too many instances of issues when speaking on inclusiveness & the micro/macro aggressions we face being ignored/downplayed.

I wanted a space where people are able to point out that a person said something racist while playing D&D & no one asking them if they were just overreacting. I want to be able to share articles about inclusive efforts, without it being a sure thing that the thread needs locking. I want to able to speak on how my identity informs and affects how I move through D&D/nerd spaces, without anyone asking me why it matters. There’s no perfect synchronicity between marginalized identities, but I know for sure I will more likely find people who can relate. This space was made because I want to be able to talk & play with people of other marginalized identities, about how we find our place in this community, even if sometimes we have to make our own spaces to start out.

On a regular basis I see how PoC/marginalized people are left out, and forced to make their own space, and then attacked because we had to do what was healthy for us. I want to hype us up, and help push things forward, where we’re no longer othered, and the need for our own spaces isn’t a necessity, but maybe just something we want to do. I just want us to be seen and heard in this community. I decided to expand to supporting and signal boosting PoC (and marginalized people in general) creators and players, to expand the reach of the work that is already being done, that just isn’t on the majority’s radar. This is for PoC, as a place to find other PoC to play TTRPGs with, but also a platform to signal boost the TTRPG projects and work of PoC.

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We’re all about lifting up PoC in TTRPGs and trying to facilitate their involvement. The only requirement is to be PoC. No Racism. No Homophobia. No Ableism. No Transphobia. No Sexism. You don’t have to agree on everything with everyone, but these are important issues that are not tolerate.
There is an accompanying Discord.┬áThere are questions on entry there, same for the Facebook group. Space is available for those who don’t want to go through Facebook. Can be used as a space for gaming and general chatting.

If you are looking to support the work, here’s how you currently can.

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